Oil & Gas Field Services

Oil and Gas is a heritage industry operated by SIH, we have been working throughout these years with specific industry knowledge and technical expertise. With functional expertise and reputation, we actively advise international firms in Oil and Gas industry operating in this region. We focus on considerable opportunities for existing firms and look to serve all the aspects of oil and gas industry.

  • Mechanical & Flow
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical & Control
  • Inspection
  • Engineering Services
  • Technical Support.
  • Electro-Mechanical EPC contractor.

Artificial Intelligence

SIH has taken a proactive measures for the future of AI, our business development team is in continuous search for the latest innovations in the AI sectors to pave the way for new partnerships with the leaders in AI sectors to support our local market.

Power Generation Industry

Power generation is one of the most powerful and diversified business sector in UAE, we continuously work on this power technology with concerned authorities and enhance the value of partners in this field. The projects we operate are specifically designed to meet the increasing demand of UAE population. We research on new technologies and partner with leading suppliers to focus on better results. We create wonders in this power generation industry.

Nuclear Industry

SIH in Nuclear, we support global working groups on nuclear energy and focus on various nuclear energy applications. We partner with Leading companies in the field of nuclear power with a proven track records to provide best solutions & services to nowah to generat clean energy from nuclear energy, that support the growth, development, and quality life of UAE population. The sustainable supply of low-carbon electricity will enhance the quality of life for generations. Committed to protecting the environment, we boost energy across UAE.


UAE is a global hub providing a successful model of new green economy and enhance the country’s sustainability preserving its environment for future generations. The changing weather patterns and heat waves indicate the necessity of conserving these finite Earth resources. We act as a global partner for various sustainability solutions and find new opportunities that support long-term economic growth and environment protection.

Healthcare and Hospitality

We manage, establish, and invest in specialized healthcare or hospitality services in UAE. With a track record of establishing healthcare organizations, we ensure global standards and meet all the health and hospitality needs of the UAE population. Healthcare is a continuously evolving sector; we focus on result-oriented and multi-disciplinary healthcare solutions for a long-term goodwill.


In today’s digital economy, we maintain a successful informational advantage to determine the business strategy. International firms engage with SIH for assured global reach and ensure complete services in modern computing. We pride ourselves in providing unique and market driven insights by serving as a value added contributor to our partners. Doing business in ICT is complex, but we remain adaptive and serve as a committed partner towards success.

Company Representation & Business Setup

We at SIH, leverage our global experience and provide the best-in-class solutions in company representation and management services who wish to expand in UAE. Being a strategic partner, we assist multinationals to setup their legal and regulatory framework in UAE. We ensure the sustainability of public services and encourage domestic manufacturing opportunities. Complying with these regulations properly position the companies for local success.

Technical Assistance & Consultancy

Over the past years, we have been providing technical assistance and consulting services for industries and business around the UAE. We provide our clients with necessay support and trainings to enhance the management and technical capacity of partner with international consultation and technical assistance.

Marine Industry

SIH has diversified experience to serve the demand for marine services across the UAE We have invested in a robust and complementary portfolio of global and best-in-class services. We focus on safe and value-driven marine services according to the growing needs of its clients. SIH maintains strategic partnership with leading marine industries that are equally professional efficient and well-trained. We provide our clients with the latest & up-to-date technology solution for the marine industry.